Meet Our Team

Robin McCoy, PhD. , LLP, Practice Owner and Lead Therapist.

I bring a person-centered approach while providing a safe non-judgmental space for helping my clients to develop the tools and skills that will allow them to embrace their individuality as well as work towards realizing their full potential.

I am available to help clients who are concerned with life transitional issues who are concerned with depression, grief/loss, anxiety, addictive behaviors, anger management, sexuality and relationship problems, immigration, court-ordered therapy acculturation, problem-solving, stress reduction and work-life balance issues

I have experience working with diverse populations including African American, Native American, Latino, Women, LBGT, adolescents, families, and veterans in individual and group settings.

Professional Activities and Memberships: American Psychological Association, Michigan Psychological Association.

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Raina Penn, MA, TLLP

Welcome to your journey to living a balanced and full life. My goal is to assist you in uncovering your authentic self and live unapologetically to challenges in your life. Whatever your reasons are for arriving to this page, I know, together we will strive for greater fulfillment through a safe and private haven. Allow me to assist you in releasing emotional pain, survival distress, unresolved trauma, transitioning, and being misunderstood. You have made the first step yo resolve underlying barriers, develop effective tools to rediscover your power, and confidence to move up into your greatness. You have the answers to your healing!

I use a holistic person-centered healing approach with experience in diverse populations and cultures ranging from children, adolescents, young adults, to adulthood. My specialty includes psychological discomfort, depression, anxiety, trauma, grief/loss, transitioning, ADHD, intellectual disability, PTSD, self-esteem, communication, and family relations.

You will work through difficulties with ease, support, and warmth. As a caring professional with passion and motivation to empower individuals and families faced with life's challenges, I will assist you in understanding untreated behaviors and psychological discomfort to obtain a healthy mind, body, and spirit. I am available online via Tele-health

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Taylour Lee

Taylour Lee, MA, LLP

In this time of uncertainty, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Now more than ever taking good care of our mental health is important. I strive to create a safe and non-judgmental place where my clients may explore their feelings, work through past or present concerns, learn new coping skills, manage anxiety-provoking thoughts, and grow to be the best version of themselves. Therapy can seem like an overwhelming process and i am sure to meet the client where they are and work at the pace of their choosing.

I have experience with anxiety, depression, stress, social anxiety and identity or sexuality concerns. I operate using a person-centered approach tailoring treatment to the unique needs of each client.

The therapeutic relationship is important for successful therapy. Feel free to reach out for a brief consultation to see if I am the right fit for you.

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Michele Leno, PhD. LP - Supervising Psychologist

I am a supervising psychologist providing case consultations and weekly supervision for the clinical staff. My primary office is DML Psychological Services, located in Farmington Hills, MI. I offer therapy, coaching, and consulting services to individuals and organizations. I have worked with clients of all ages, including adolescents and adults, and various professionals. I motivate and help others get unstuck, transition, and cope with chronic and/or situational stressors. My interests include performance anxiety, business owners and stress management, depression in athletes and entertainers, and effects of social media on mental health. I believe that if we improve our mental health, we would improve our overall quality of life.

Tasha Bridges

Tasha Bridges, MA LPC

Are you ready to make a change in your life? Are you faced with life challenges that can be overwhelming? I am here to partner with you and help guide you through your journey. Together we will create a plan and set forth attainable goals to help you reach your outcome. Depending on your individual needs, I will use different methods of therapy. Most sessions will focus on self-awareness, choice, problem solving, and setting goals for the present and future. Other areas of counseling may include focusing on responsibility, the meaning of life, your strengths and limitations, self-concept, acceptance, and change.
My professional experience and education have prepared me to work with groups, families, and individuals of all ages; including children, adolescents, and adults. I believe for counseling to be effective, both you and I must be actively involved in developing counseling goals and assessing progress.
I will always create a safe, non-judgmental, and welcoming environment for you to express, explore and process. So let's talk!!

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Phyllis Foye

Phyllis Foye, Ph.D., DTLLP, 

Phyllis, received her PhD, in clinical psychology from Walden University. Her focus is providing traditional and faith based therapies to individuals and families.

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Welcome my name is Kristen Davis and as a seasoned Social Worker with extensive experience, I specialize in providing compassionate support to individuals dealing with a variety of challenges, including anxiety disorders. With a Master of Social Work from Wayne State University I am well-equipped to guide clients towards healing and empowerment. My journey in the field has led me to work with diverse populations, addressing a range of issues. My expertise encompasses not only anxiety but also various aspects of mental health and well-being.

Drawing from my experience as a Social Worker I am skilled in developing personalized treatment plans and fostering the Person-Center planning process. In my practice, I utilize evidence-based techniques and interventions to help clients manage their anxiety symptoms and regain control over their lives.

I am here to offer a safe and empathetic space for exploration and growth. I firmly believe that through empathy, collaboration, and a strengths-based approach, positive change is achievable. Together, we will uncover your strengths and develop strategies to navigate life's challenges with resilience and confidence. I invite you to connect with me.

When human beings experience life stressors, it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel. My great passion is helping my clients find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationships so they can know themselves as peaceful, complete, whole, and safe. My educational background includes earning my MA in clinical psychology from the Michigan School of Psychology (2021), MS in psychology from Southern New Hampshire University (2020), and BA in psychology from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor (2016). My clinical training was in humanistic therapy, which holds the view that all humans possess intrinsic potentialities and ability for growth. Our work will be collaborative, as you are the expert on your life. My role is more of a guide to facilitate self-examination, which can lead to both healing and insight. I offer a safe space for clients to feel heard, which allows for examination into the deer roots of what is causing distress. My preference is to treat the whole person, rather than a diagnosis, however; I have experience working with symptoms of depression, anxiety, and trauma. I am a certified Sawubona Healing Circle Leader. I am also working towards a doctorate in clinical psychology from the Michigan School of Psychology and certification in trauma. I look forward to